Why specialist knowledge is necessary to help people with autism

When working with individuals living with autism, it is of the utmost importance that Support Workers’ carers have specialist knowledge. If you are looking for autism services in London, it is vital to find a source of support with the correct training and information.

Autism can affect people in a variety of ways, with different elements in the behavioural, social and emotional spheres. It can sometimes cause people to be unsure of how to act or respond to those living with the condition, meaning that experience, patience and understanding are key when it comes to caring for these individuals.

When people are diagnosed as ‘autistic’, this does not automatically mean that they all share the same traits. Every individual is unique, which applies to both their condition and the person themselves. Liaise is keenly aware of the vast range of autistic characteristics and the varying degrees across the spectrum. Around 700,000 people in the UK are on autism spectrum disorder, equating to more than one person in every hundred. This shows just how many people are affected and the huge range that an autism diagnosis can entail.

Tailored support for autism

Liaise’s main concern is the bespoke support provided to each individual in its care. By ensuring that every service user has their own fully-tailored care plan using every available holistic option, Liaise can guarantee that providing care for those with autism is supported to the very highest standards.

Many people with autism have certain specifications when it comes to their environment – such as a lower light quality, a specific room layout or lesser noise levels – and this can be accounted for by Liaised Care Group. Autism can often call for a specific routine, which again can be provided by experienced and understanding staff Liaise provide

Referral processes involve families, local authorities, backgrounds, medical histories, and as much personal input as possible. This is to provide the best care plan is put in place to meet the needs of the individual and to make sure that families are happy and comfortable with the support given to their loved ones. The extra knowledge passed on by these involved ensures that custom-made care is provided at all times. The transparent approach and constant self-evaluation by Liaise mean that its quality of care is always improving and shifting with the times and unique requirements.

Therapy team

Covering every base, Liaise has a dedicated therapy team working alongside its supported living and residential Support Workers. The therapy team consists of highly-trained professionals specialising in specific areas, such as positive behaviour support (PBS), occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, and mental health. For those on the autism spectrum, the expertise supplied by this therapy team is a lifeline, helping them to cope with their specific struggles and encouraging them to meet their positive goals and live their lives to their full potential.

By making sure your loved one is provided with autism services in London with the highest standards of knowledge, you are ensuring their happiness, comfort and peace of mind.