We are privileged to have supported hundreds of people in our accommodations in London and South-East England. These testimonials will give you insight into the services we provide and the positive outcomes you can expect.

I have found St. James Mews to be very effective and efficient with communication especially with raising safeguarding’s and alerting care management with incidents reports on behalf of their clients and contacting partners. St. James Mews have a very good understanding of their clients and deliver person-centred care and support tailored to their needs.

Staff are effective in building good relationships with their clients and partners to deliver the best possible care. Staff promote client strengths, abilities through positive reinforcement to enable clients to achieve their full potential. Staff also, enforce boundaries and consequences where possible to enable clients to understand the impact of challenging behaviour through their PBS team, and where possible lean on partners to access help and intervention.

Comment from a social worker

St James

I had a lovely conversation with her yesterday, and she said, “Now I’m much better I would like to think about horse riding again!”

She was a very good rider and had lots of rosettes. This was really encouraging and a sign her confidence and self-worth are back.

Thank you again for all this hard work. We feel she has coped amazingly well in lockdown, and we can see her returning to her potential again.

Comment from a parent

St James

Good afternoon, Louie, Good afternoon, Kristen.

We would just like to take this opportunity to say thank you, to you, and to all the staff at Coppice Care for the wonderful care that you have all shown to Chris over the last 12 months. Again, this has been another especially difficult year under the extreme circumstances that this year has brought us all. It all must have been very difficult, very frustrating, and very tiring at times, but as usual, you and all your staff have provided the wonderful care and devotion that Chris is so dependent on. This is of course very evident by the smile that Chris always has when we see him and that cheerful laugh he has when you’re chatting with him and that he is always fit and well. And this is all down to the wonderful care he receives. Hopefully 2022 will bring us all a much better and a much easier year for everyone.

Best wishes and kind regards,

Comment from a parent

Coppice Close

Dear Everyone!

Thank you for all the work you do to keep all the residents healthy and happy. … is the happiest I’ve ever seen her; your care is enabling her to live her best life possible. Just a quick email to to thank you for all you have done and are doing for my son.

Comment from a parent


Just a quick email to wish you and your staff a happy new year and to thank you for all you have done and are doing for …

In the past I feel he has not had the support and understanding that you give him, and this has definitely shown in the great improvements we see in him. Since being with you he has had few “down” periods and you seem to know him well enough to see these coming and out actions in place to help him.

He has benefited from all the efforts you put into his diet, exercise, and social care and at last he has given up smoking.

He really for the seems to feel at home with you and this can only be good for him.

Comment from a parent.

St. James

I just wanted to feedback on my experience of undertaking the current piece of joint work with you in respect of supporting… with his move.

I want to thank you and your team for your commitment to making this transition for … as smooth and successful as possible. It has been very reassuring to … mother and I that the approach you have taken has been a holistic one. This has been evidenced in how you have continued to gather information in respect of … care and support needs, ensuring that you have obtained all the necessary information, have considered the views of … mother and the views of professionals currently supporting … to inform and equip your team moving forward.

The transition planning meeting that you have taken a lead in arranging, chairing, and minuting have played a significant part in progressing the plan forward in a timely manner as well as offering reassurance to … mother at this difficult time. The planning has been robust and well considered with all members of the team visiting … at his home and school to get a better understanding of who … is and how his needs can be best met. It is apparent that … has been kept at the very centre of all discussions and planning however, it is also worth noting that you have been able to sensitively support and reassure … mother validating her input towards the success of her son’s move.

Comment from a transition social worker.


I would like to say that I was impressed with Jill’s progress at her S117 review. It was wonderful to hear that she is becoming more independent and doing more activities in the community. The reduction of incidents and the fact that Jill is engaging in activities that she likes. Listening to the parent’s feedback was also a testament to the fantastic working relationship that you have built with them. Please extend our compliments to your team for their hard work as this really shone through on the day. They have built a fantastic therapeutic relationship with Jill and clearly understand her needs. Keep up the good work.

Comment for a social worker.


Crossbrook, specialist residential service in Cheshunt.

I also wanted to acknowledge the great work that is being done by the manager and staff at Crossbrook. They have been very proactive, helpful, and responsive throughout her time there and I agree that their input has been a huge reason why she has been doing well. She clearly has a good relationship with and responds well to many of the staff supporting her, which is wonderful.

Comment from a social worker.