Epilepsy Support

Helping People Live Independently Through Person-Centred Support and Community-Based Living.

At home, people living with epilepsy and associated complex needs cannot always receive the 24-hour support they need. Here at Liaise, we provide sector leading care and support to people with epilepsy through our supported living and residential care services.

In our warm and welcoming homes, people with epilepsy can receive the specialist support they need to live an independent and full life. We provide a wide range of person-centred services and activities aimed at growing confidence, building meaningful relationships and promoting independent living skills.

Through our tailor-made support packages, we’re able to help people achieve positive outcomes regardless of any day to day challenges they may face. We encourage each individual to achieve as much independence as possible in a safe environment where specialist expertise is readily accessible, should it be needed.

We work collaboratively with the individual, their families and medical professionals to regularly review each person’s needs. This can involve supporting the individual to attend medical appointments related to their epilepsy. We follow bespoke care plans, risk assessments and medication protocols to ensure each person receives the support they need to remain safe and well.

Our Residential and Supported Living Services

Each Liaise home has its own distinct character and personality and offers a balance between communal spaces that promote social interaction and private accommodations. We work with the people we support and their families to help them find the right housing solution that matches their needs and wants.

We recognise the importance of creating bespoke living environments for each person we support. We often work in partnership with Occupational Therapists to regularly assess each accommodation for safety. These reviews lead to the implementation of safety aids and equipment specially designed to support people living with epilepsy.

Our approach is guided by the principles of “person-centredness”. This means the support we provide is always based on the specific needs, interests and goals of each person. Each person we support is always encouraged to make decisions about their own care needs.

Some of the Services and Activities We Provide Can Include:

  • Daily activity programmes tailored to the capabilities of each individual
  • Support in finding employment, education or volunteering opportunities, where appropriate
  • Through opportunities and with guidance, we help each person to develop relationships that are meaningful to them
  • Outings and trips into the local community
  • Regular social events, both in home and in the community
  • Support that enables the growth of practical home focused skills such as cooking, housework and decorating.
  • Each person is supported within a person-centred framework, to develop their community skills such as shopping, banking and the management of health appointments

Our Quality Standards

Here at Liaise, we are very proud of the high levels of support our services provide. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our outstanding outcomes and improvements to the quality of life of all the people we support. We are regulated by the Care Quality Commision and are proud to have achieved an outstanding CQC rating not once, but twice in a row for one of our services. Two of our other services have received an outstanding outcome in one of the five areas as well.

The Liaise Approach

We recognise that many people living with epilepsy face overlapping challenges and health concerns and that’s why the person-centred support plans we create are highly flexible and able to adapt to each individual’s unique needs.

All our staff are qualified to support a range of epilepsy and associated complex needs and undergo regular training to update their skills. This training ensures all staff have the know-how required to keep someone safe before, during and after a seizure, whilst maintaining their dignity throughout.

Our support plans are regularly reviewed in partnership with the individual to ensure they are always producing positive outcomes. Our goal is to help the people we support to live as independently as possible with the reassurance that a helping hand is always available.

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Our goal is to support, empower and enrich the lives of people living with mental health conditions and enable them to live happy, fulfilling lives.

We are here to support you and your family. If you would like to learn more about our complex care and support services, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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