Doing what we do

At Liaise we are proud of our reputation as a specialist service so we were very pleased to receive the following email recently praising our coworkers for their professionalism and positive attitudes. This was from a former teacher of a new service user who has recently moved into one of our services (published with her permission).


I’d just like to share my thoughts and feelings on the current transition of one of my pupils to Marika House.

marika-house-newI’ve been A’s teacher for 3 years having come from mainstream to suddenly be teaching a highly challenging class at Tadley Court School with A as one of the most challenging pupils in the school. I immediately developed a very close working relationship with A regardless of the daily behaviours he demonstrated. He has come a long way. So much so he is now (mostly) to be able to self-manage his anxieties.

For the past 3 years, I’ve been anxious about A’s transition into post-19 provisions.  I needn’t have been. The transition plan that was put in place by Marika, rather than ourselves, has been second to none. Each and every staff that has met A, or me, have told me how excited they are to get to know him. This has given me even more confidence that this is the best place for A.

I have every confidence that Marika house is the best place for this special young man. I’d like to pay a particular thank you and commendation to Lizzie who has ensured a flawless transition as well as developing an immediate positive relationship with my special boy!

Many many thanks