Building and sustaining Good Outcomes in residential and supported living services

Liaise is proud of its achievements. Every day our staff dedicate themselves to enabling the people we support to thrive and have enriched fulfilling lives. Their reward for this dedicated support is seeing the fruits of their labours born out in the smiles, achievements and development of the people they support each day. CQC have inspected our services and all Liaise homes, both residential and supported living have ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ inspection outcomes.

This level of success across our services is not however achieved by accident or simply by living in the hope of the best possible outcomes, it is achieved by getting key ingredients right and then blending and nurturing those ingredients to maximise their impact.

The key ingredients are:

  • Understanding the people we support and having them at the heart of the service delivery – this may seem obvious, but truly person-centred services reflect the diversity of people not a select few and this enables each individual being supported and their families/friends to feel services are driven by their needs and aspirations and each day offers new opportunities for this to be reflected in their lives.
  • Good staff – good recruitment is a key element, followed by a training and development program that ensures the knowledge is implanted, but then most importantly mentoring of staff needs to be a key factor to ensure they have the ability to deliver the knowledge learnt into everyday practice.
  • Governance – the internal quality assurance within organisations provides the framework and benchmarks for success. Robust processes of internal review and reflection enable quality to be sustained and as a consequence serve as the foundation for growth and development.
  • Innovation – In order to grow and evolve a culture of innovation needs to be nurtured, encouraging all employees to use their creative skills to find new approaches and enable new opportunities that enrich the lives of others. All our lives are to a certain extent dictated by how others inspire our dreams and aspirations, within social care settings we have a responsibility to serve as the inspiration and then facilitators for the dreams and aspirations of the people we support. For people who find it hard to articulate their own needs, it falls upon us to create opportunities that enable them, through new experiences, to live life to its fullest.
  • Listening and time – at all levels of any organisation the quality of work needs to be driven by a culture where everyone is receptive and listens to others. Listening encourages a collective spirit built on respect and it also encourages reflection. Time is a commodity that that is often is short supply, however in a sector often driven by the pressures of workloads a lack of time devoted to ensuring quality is achieved can be a critical mistake. The best outcomes are achieved when people give and plan their time well.
  • Leadership – At all levels of an organisation good leadership enables all the points detailed above to be a reality. Leadership is not about being the foundation of all knowledge but instead, it is the ability to nurture leadership and mentoring throughout an organisation. Leadership is also the ability to capture the essence of an organisation and be able to articulate this so everyone internally and externally understands what an organisation does and stands for.

Within Liaise our wonderful outcomes are achieved as a result of the points above and we welcome people to contact us and learn more about the services we provide.

Mark Horton