Post COVID-19 Guide for Care Support Staff

The COVID-19 lockdown has drastically impacted those with care and support needs, as well as their support workers. Care support staff are more likely to be infected by the virus than anyone else in the UK’s general population, which understandably brings anxiety and concern that the vulnerable service users you care for may be impacted.

As lockdown rules start to gradually be eased and adapted, there will be challenges. In fact, the care home jobs for learning disabilities in Southampton will be changing. Here’s our guide to helping yourself and those you support through this time.

Understanding Change

Many vulnerable people find unexplained changes or complex situations to be challenging, confusing, or anxiety-inducing. You may find people are unsettled by changes, even those that seem to be returning things to ‘normal’, as they have become used to new routines.

Make sure that service users are included in decisions and discussions about leaving lockdown, so they can fully understand and have a say in what will change in their lives. Use strategies that have been used before for managing big changes and keep a level of consistency around them. Accessible resources from Learning Disabilities England, the National Autistic Society, and Books Beyond Words will help navigate these changes.

Social Distancing

We may now go out to non-essential workplaces, shops, and exercise as many times in the day as we would like. Remind those in-home care that some restrictions still do apply; while they can meet people and move between support bubbles, social distancing is still advised and they should wear a mask and remember to wash their hands once at home.

Now that members of the same household or socially distant households may go out together, more than one person with a learning disability or autism may go out at the same time in small groups. While this may cause anxiety at first, encourage service users to find ways to reconnect with friends and family in ways that will still keep them safe.

Keeping Safe

Covid 19 is now looking to be under control if we all maintain social distancing and stick to Government guidelines. It is important for service users to maintain personal hygiene and infection control routines. Keep support workers modelling good behaviour when moving between premises and ensure that these standards are kept with service users. Keep up the routine of washing hands as soon as people arrive in-home units, and ensure that hand washing lasts for at least 20 seconds. Remind people to cover their mouth and nose with a tissue when they cough or sneeze and to keep disposing of tissues in the bin, followed by washing their hands.

If you’re searching for care home jobs, we want to hear from you. We’re always looking for dedicated and caring people, with a great hands-on proactive attitude, to help provide support for people with learning difficulties, autism, and complex behaviour needs. Browse our current vacancies and apply online to start a fulfilling career in the care sector.