8 Things to Consider when Looking for Asperger’s Services

Asperger’s syndrome is a developmental disorder with multiple cognitive and behavioural problems. If you are looking for care homes for your adult child with Asperger’s, here are some of the factors you should consider.

1. The Care Quality Commission regulate the care sector and there will be a report available to the public detailing the home’s standards and giving it an overall rating. This report will help indicate the strengths and possible weaknesses of the service.

2. How does the home feel: Would you like to live there? Does the home feel safe, warm and homely? Are the staff friendly and presenting a natural approach?

3. Find out what activities people do – do people access the community, enquire about activities people do and how often.

4. Feedback – find out how you will receive feedback about the care delivered. The home should be accommodating to your wishes, you should be able to phone day or night to speak with someone or your loved one, and you should receive regular information and be invited to important meetings.

5. What is local transport like – can you easily access the home via road or public transport?

6. If the home is supported living, will the local housing allowance cover the rent? Find out how any shortfall will be met.

7. Meals – look at a menu plan, and see if you can stay for a meal or be around at mealtimes to assess the quality of the food.

8. Health services – understand what the local health services are like, and where is the local GP or hospital, this is especially important if your loved one has specific health needs.

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