Russell runs marathon

A Message from Russell.

“Good Morning Everyone

So Sunday came and went – What an experience! The runners, the crowds and the volunteers are all amazing people! People always said the atmosphere is amazing let me tell you nothing prepared me for that!

From the start line when the band play the Iconic London Marathon Theme Tune to Cutty Sark (Where the crowd must have been 10-12 people deep in places), to Embankment when the volume turned up and then into Bird Cage Walk when the noise was so loud it didn’t matter how much you hurt you had to run and smile and pretty much every stride in between music played, strangers cheered and shouted your name. An experience I will never ever forget!

Now for the boring bit! Official time was 4hrs 27mins – Was well on course for 4hrs through around 16 miles but the hamstring decided that enough was enough and I took the decision at around 18 miles that if I managed my pace I’d get in under 4hrs 30min which I did and in doing that have also raised over £2,400. Anyone that donated I thank you so much it’s hugely appreciated! I have included the fundraising link one more time!”