Runner Bean Walls and Feta Cheese Salad at Sansa House

Everyone living at Sansa House has made super progress with the sensory garden – and they’ve even started serving meals from the raised beds.

One of the people we support planting spinach in a raised bed

After spending time planting out the beds, we’re being rewarded with beautiful colours, delicious scents and tasty treats.

Just two weeks after planting, we’ve already harvested some of the spinach. It went into a truly delicious spinach and feta cheese salad. Yum!

Raised beds with purple flowers, herbs and spinach

Elsewhere in the garden, the runner bean walls are coming alone well.

TD created a trellis from bamboo sticks, which will form the framework for the runner bean walls.

One of the people we support pushing bamboo canes into the ground

The runner bean wall framework is up

Next, KG, TD and LH got planting. The runner bean seedlings went in safe and sound. TD gave them a good sprinkling of water – and there’s a job well done!

The people we support planting runner bean seedlings for the trellis wall

We’re looking forward to seeing progress, and we’ll be sure to update you. We’ll also be cooking up a storm with runner beans before the summer’s out – so keep an eye open for our runner bean recipes.