Congratulations! Marion and Michael got married

Our founder and director, Marion Cornick, got married to Michael at the end of April – and they had a wonderful day. There was dancing… there was wine… and there was lots of love and laughter.

She and Michael had everything they needed for their home, so they decided to ask anyone who wanted to give them a gift to make a donation instead. You may not know that as well as founding the School and running Liaise, Marion also supports a school in Zambia. There are 150 children with serious special needs, most of whom have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS. The school lacks even the most basic resources. Children arrive hungry and stay hungry because there’s no food at the school. There are no art materials, no games, no music and no phone. Power is sketchy.


Marion took a team out there in 2012 and trained the teachers in special education. The team also painted classrooms, took toys and equipment and set up a library. The tiniest things, like a rug or a toothbrush, make a huge difference. The team goes over two or three times a year to work with the children, their teachers and their parents.

To celebrate their wedding, Marion and Michael would like to raise enough money to replace the rickety old school bus. Designed to carry 15, it usually carries many more – sometimes up to 49. If you think you can spare a few pounds, please visit Marion’s JustGiving page. Your donation will be put to very good use.

Marion and Michael would like to thank everyone who has donated – as well as the money raised on the JustGiving page, they raised a considerable amount during their wedding celebration.

We’ll update you soon about how they’re spending the money. But in the meantime, if you could help, we – and the children in Zambia – will be very grateful. Thank you!