How to Improve Learning Abilities of Your Loved one

Have you come across anyone who has often talked about their anxiety towards reading or writing? Do you think that person is also finding it difficult to focus on their work or interact with other people? These could be signs of a clinical problem which could require treatment.

Assisted care and supported living homes can help the learner cope with such difficulties and help them lead a more fulfilling life. They work closely with every individual’s needs unique to them and propose an individual-centric therapeutic approach. Here are a few approaches and activities practised by these care homes to improve the learning abilities of an individual.

  • Communication support:

    Each individual has a unique way to speak and process information and the staff in the care homes are trained to communicate with them accordingly. One key factor is to talk slowly and clearly putting an accent on the main keywords, whilst avoiding a condescending tone or demeanour. Mentoring this practice will help them convey their messages more clearly.


  • Personal care skills: 

    This includes adapting the individual to daily living activities such as cooking, cleaning, shopping, and even budgeting. Supporting eating, drinking, and other personal care activities is also a part of the assisted living approach. The trainers are very patient and empathetic towards the development of their daily living activities.


  • Socialising skills: 

    The care homes are not only equipped with the right communication tools and equipment but also surrounded by like-minded individuals in the right ambience. Within an enabling environment, people are supported to communicate with their peers and practice socialising so they can reflect and learn on the development of their communication skills.


  • Behaviour management: 

    Fluctuating behavioural patterns is not unusual in individuals with learning disabilities. Their decisions about anything in life are dealt with patiently by people working in the assisted living community.


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