MB at the charity shop

Tamicka Goncalves, Senior Support Worker has recently done a great job supporting MB at Somerford Place achieve her goals.

Tamicka tells us more, “MB had expressed an interest in volunteering at her local charity shop and I supported her to apply.  She was then given a date for an assessment in the charity shop.  The day quickly came round and MB was supported to get to the charity shop.  When she arrived, the manager explained the rules and regulations in the shop and showed MB how to hang clothes on the different colour coded hangers.

“MB did a fantastic job during the assessment, using great communication skills with the people in the shop.  I’m pleased to say that her assessment went so well, she’s been given two days a month in the shop starting this month. She’s so excited to get to work on her important goal.”  Well done MB, Tamicka and everyone at Somerford Place!