Happy World Down Syndrome Day everyone!

Today we want to celebrate the amazing progress that Paul* has made since moving to our Cornfields home in Basingstoke in 2021. With the support of his parents and the teamwork between The Loddon School and Cornfields, his transition was shorter and smoother than we expected.

We know that transitioning can be difficult for anyone who is leaving school to their first adult placement.

As part of his introduction to settling into his new home Paul was anxious and needed a lot of support to meet new people. But thanks to the May club disco with Mencap, he was able to settle in and now dances with others independently!

Paul also has a daily routine of activities that he puts in the front of his activity book so he knows what he will be doing throughout the day. He has also been working with the speech and language team to learn Makaton signs, and he is doing so well! He’s even learning new signs from YouTube and teaching staff.

Although Paul still has anxieties, the team at Cornfields is learning how to support him. We’re so proud of Paul and all that he’s accomplished! Let’s spread love and awareness on this special day. #WorldDownSyndromeDay #SpreadLove #InclusionMatters

*Some details have been changed for confidentiality reasons