Step by Step: A Journey of Mobility at St James House

We’re so excited to share a snippet of the progressive outcomes at St James House. The Liaise Residential home reopened last year in November, when Anny* was one of the first to move in. During the initial assessment, it became apparent that challenging behaviours were impacting her quality of life. This meant that she had to use an adapted buggy almost everywhere she went.  

For a long time, Anny had been supported to access the local area by using an adapted buggy as a wheelchair. She would only move around on her own within the home, and even then, very minimally.  


Initial Assessment and Transition Plan  

As Anny was moving from her family home, the team at St James House worked together with her family members, as well as the Liaise internal specialist support team, to create a detailed transition plan. This was based on several findings from direct observation, reviewing historical incidents information, conversations with family members, and shadowing her in her home. An initial behaviour support plan was put in place before her move-in date. 


Encouraging Mobility  

The staff team at Anny’s new home have been determined to encourage Anny to gain the confidence to be mobile on her own without using the buggy, as much as she can. In consultation with her family members and occupational therapists, they came up with an outcome-based strategy to support her reduction of challenging behaviours, and in turn, enhance her mobility. This has already proven to be remarkably successful. 


Progress and Results

Of course, it is a gradual process – initially, she did not want to move at all without the buggy, it was a challenge, but the team have been a stable source of support and encouragement throughout the process. Now, Anny’s confidence has grown. She has begun to prefer walking to using the buggy, no longer using it at home at all, and often even going into the community without it.  


Impact on Quality of Life

Six weeks in, the St James House team say it is an ongoing process, but she really has come a long way. Anny seems to have developed a good rapport with the support team and her overall quality of life has improved.  

Anny’s family are really pleased with the huge progress within such a short amount of time, they noted that even her diet & eating habits have improved as well since moving into St James House. It feels as though her entire quality of life has turned around, and they are so proud of her accomplishments, as is everyone involved in her support.  


Make St James House your place

There is currently available space at St James House, and the team would love to support someone new to make it their place. If you have someone in mind or would like to find out more, you can make a referral or enquiry by getting in touch with our Head of Referrals and Partnerships: 

Mark Horton  


T:    07884588761        


*Names have been changed