10 facilities you will only get in residential care homes

Moving into a residential care home can seem daunting, with families often making the decision after many distressing attempts at supporting the individual in their own home. It can be reassuring to know that residential care, such as our contemporary residential care home in Buckinghamshire, can offer enviable facilities and make the decision much easier for all involved.

Our residential care home in Buckinghamshire offers accommodation and a range of support services aimed at ensuring the individual feels safe, independent and included. From help with personal care to the management of medication and encouragement to participate in social activities, individuals with complex needs and challenging behaviours are supported to live well and remain safe.

The facilities on offer:

  1. Safety

There is always someone around; therefore, an individual will receive constant support and reassurance day and night.

  1. 24-hour support 

Regardless of the time or need, suitably-qualified staff are always on hand to help and ensure safety and security.

  1. Individualised care

Whether someone likes to listen to music after dinner or enjoys a lie-in at the weekend, individual needs and wishes are always respected and catered to.

  1. Socialisation and companionship 

The communal areas ensure there are ample opportunities to make new friends and develop new interests, which is not always possible when living in a community with complex care needs.

  1. A room of their own

There is often a need for a private, tranquil space. Each individual has their own room and is supported to create a personalised safe space in which to relax and unwind.

  1. Meals

Regular meals and frequent snacks are provided to ensure the individual never feels hungry. The residents have individualised meal plans, so they can eat the food they like when they like.

  1. Health management

Staff are there to ensure each person remains as well as they can for as long as possible. Close monitoring and a range of activities mean that early warning signs of deteriorating health are managed quickly and confidently.

  1. Less stress

The individual no longer needs to worry about unwanted callers, unpaid bills, or keeping on top of household chores. This means less stress and pressure for the individual and more opportunities for them to engage in meaningful activities that promote health and well-being.

9. Enhanced living conditions

Individuals will find themselves living in conditions that are always clean, safe and warm.

  1. Peace of mind

A 24/7 safe, supportive environment means that families can relax knowing that their loved ones’ needs are completely taken care of and – most importantly – that they are happy and content in their new home.

Rethinking care

Totteridge House, our residential care home in Buckinghamshire, offers six spacious studio rooms catering to a mixed gender of adults. This homely yet modern service has great facilities and enables adults with complex and challenging needs to enjoy communal living whilst feeling safe and secure within their own space.