What Are the Benefits of Residential Care?

What is Residential Care?

Residential care is offered to people living with complex care needs that require additional support to live safely and independently.

In a residential home, people with complex support needs share a homely and stimulating community-based environment. Both accommodation and 24/7 support from a specialist team are included.

In these community-based properties, individuals enjoy their own private bedroom while sharing access to communal areas like a living room, dining room or kitchen. This ensures each individual has the privacy they need while still enjoying opportunities to socialise.

The support provided in a residential care home is always tailored to the needs of each individual. One-to-one support can be provided to help people manage daily life including personal care, assistance with washing or dressing, and medication administration as well as various physical and social activities organised by staff.

These types of residential care services are commissioned by a Local Authority or health board and regulated by the Care Quality Commission in England.

What are the Benefits of Residential Care?

Residential care offers people with complex or substantial support needs a safe and stimulating environment where they can thrive.

Having a team of 24/7 support staff available ensures each individual receives the support they need when they need it. This could include assisting with personal care or household tasks, empowering people to enjoy a favourite hobby or helping someone access their local community.

Living in a communal-based property provides plenty of opportunities to engage with new experiences. Residents will enjoy access to a range of activities designed to entertain and grow independent living skills. Many residential care homes encourage socialisation through events and trips out into the local community.

Some residential homes are equipped with the latest equipment and technology to support the needs of the people that live there. This could include special adaptations and equipment like sensory rooms, ceiling tracking, hoists or assistive technologies.

In our own community-based, residential care homes, we provide high-quality care and support to people with a wide range of support needs and empower them to live happy and fulfilling lives. Learn more about our Residential Care Services. 

What is the Difference Between Supported Living and Residential Care?

Supported living is primarily for people that require extra support to live independently on their own. In supported living homes, the house itself is often provided through a specialist landlord while the individual support is offered by a care provider like Liaise.

Unlike residential care homes, supported living provides the people who live there with individual tenancies. While this provides for greater control and independence, people are also generally responsible for their own rent, bills and cost of living.

If greater, round-the-clock is required, residential care may be the more suitable option. By having a specialist team on hand 24/7, individuals can always receive the right care to suit their needs. Staff will also be trained to provide specialist support to those with complex needs.

How Liaise Can Support You

We’re proud to support people who live with a range of complex conditions including autism, learning disabilities, physical support requirements and complex behavioural needs. All our residential care homes are run by experienced and highly-skilled staff dedicated to providing extraordinary support.

Each of our residential care homes is unique and has its own distinct personality. These homes often feature adaptations and specialist equipment designed to meet a range of complex care needs. Anything that allows the people we support to feel comfortable and safe in their surroundings.

We provide dedicated 24/7 support in all of our residential care homes. The support received is flexible and always adapted to the unique needs of each individual.

We create bespoke support plans that reflect the history, current situation and future goals and ambitions of the people we support. Every support plan is designed to help the individual strengthen their functional living, social, and communication skills while enjoying a greater sense of community.

Learn More About Residential Care

We are proud to provide safe and therapeutic homes where people with complex needs can flourish.

To learn more about our residential care services, do not hesitate to contact our friendly team.  We are here to help provide support and guidance to your family.