Coppice Close

Good afternoon, Louie, Good afternoon, Kristen.

We would just like to take this opportunity to say thank you, to you, and to all the staff at Coppice Care for the wonderful care that you have all shown to Chris over the last 12 months. Again, this has been another especially difficult year under the extreme circumstances that this year has brought us all. It all must have been very difficult, very frustrating, and very tiring at times, but as usual, you and all your staff have provided the wonderful care and devotion that Chris is so dependent on. This is of course very evident by the smile that Chris always has when we see him and that cheerful laugh he has when you’re chatting with him and that he is always fit and well. And this is all down to the wonderful care he receives. Hopefully 2022 will bring us all a much better and a much easier year for everyone.

Best wishes and kind regards,

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