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Supported living in London for people with mental health needs

Supported living helps individuals who require additional support in managing their mental health to remain independent within their own homes and communities.

The benefits

Such support enables someone to live at home with their usual support networks and regular activities in ways which ensure that they remain safe, independent and a valuable member of their community. Services are built around promoting choice and control over their own lives, and as such, the individual works in partnership with supportive agencies to create the support they want, when they want it. The result is that those receiving regular input to remain within their own community learn new skills and feel more confident and secure in their ability to live within their own homes without the need to rely on family and friends.

Supported living in London

Living with a mental health need within a big city such as London can be scary and confusing. Family and friends need to work and quite often access to support is limited due to health services buckling under the pressure of demand. For the individual struggling with their mental health or in crisis, can lead to further isolation and vulnerability. Receiving good quality support at home is essential and can provide reassurance to the individual, their family and their friends. Supported living staff get to know the individual within their own environment by building solid relationships which enable them to acquire in-depth knowledge of how the person’s condition affects their specific situation. Preventative and responsive support such as quick access to services or mental health review becomes possible because the team understands which patterns of behaviours lead to acute escalation of illness and hospital admission. They can, therefore, intervene with strategies which ensure the individual remains safe and cared for at home for as long as possible.

Flexibility is key

For many such individuals and their families, knowing that there is always someone there to help and to support can be reassuring. It can, however, be difficult to accept help and families often feel guilty about relying on services. However, supported living packages are designed completely with the needs of the person at the centre. Support is tailored to what the individual and their family feel is needed and can range from a few hours a week, to more intensive 24-hour arrangements. What is provided can include any combination of support services and activities, all aimed at improving the individual’s quality of life such as management of medications and support to attend health appointments. Social support and finding employment, help with practical tasks at home and finding a new hobby are crucial.

Supported living in London can make a significant difference to someone who wants to live independently and has a mental health need. It can help someone be in their own home, remaining well and connected to others for much longer and can promote the learning of new skills to prepare them for the next step in self-managing their condition.