Liaise CEO reaches out to CCG’S and local authorities with Covid-19 message

Community vacancies pre-covid second wave
Liaise has managed our services proactively and pragmatically through the first phases of the Covid 19 pandemic. We ‘locked down’ our services nearly 2 weeks before the general lockdown, have always had access to PPE and our staff have worked tirelessly to keep the people we support safe, well and still enjoying a good quality of life. We have been successful in those objectives. We have over 200 service users and have had no fatalities or even hospitalisations. We are extremely proud of this record.

Given the rise in Covid 19 community transmission, it now seems inevitable that the next few months will see increasing restrictions on the way we live our lives. At Liaise we are planning how we can best manage our own services and support colleagues across our commissioning network to achieve their objectives.

We are a provider that has grown and developed significantly in the last few years and we now have a wide range of specialist Supported Living and Residential services across London and surrounding counties. All our services are all rated as Good or Outstanding.

We specialise in supporting people with complex learning and mental health needs and/or Autism. Many of these people are stepping down from more secure settings and taking steps into the community. Our robust and enabling infrastructure is supported by a skilled staff team but also our own internal multi-disciplinary teams, which include Positive Behaviour Support Teams, Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Therapy. Our dynamic care planning and risk management approach has enabled the best possible outcomes to be achieved for people, something that we are very proud to share with you.

My purpose for writing is to extend an offer to you. We have a range of placement opportunities across London and the South East that could provide you with placement opportunities in the community, and thus reduce the pressure on your secure hospital beds should a second wave of Covid-19 come upon us. Our services are available now and it is in our shared interests to utilise the community opportunities we currently have. Our referral process is efficient and we aim to undertake assessments at the earliest opportunity following referral, assuming placement is then an option, a formal offer of placement is sent within 48hrs of the assessment being completed. All admissions are then planned without delay, focusing on the needs of each person to enable their smooth and positive move into the community.

In the early stages of the pandemic, we moved some of our assessment process across to telephone and video communication and we anticipate the need for this will rise again as community transmission of the virus rises. We are ready to support transitions now.

I would be delighted to speak with you to discuss how we can work together in our shared interests over this challenging period for our sector. My contact details are:
M: 07969 277258

Alternatively, you can contact our Head of Sales and Marketing, Mark Horton, to make a referral, his details are:
M: 07884588761

Yours sincerely,
Tony Hegarty CEO, Liaise