Planning Permission for Change of Use of Our Basingstoke homes

Some of you may know that last year Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council planning department decided that we needed to apply for planning permission for the change of use of our homes to ‘Residential Institutions’. This is because of some recent case law that has changed what planning class our homes may be in. The law is still rather vague in this area, with different local authorities making different decisions. However, we are pleased to say that all of our homes now have the planning permission as required by Basingstoke & Deane.

Unfortunately, Homelands, a home owned by The School also had to apply for planning permission, but their application was denied, despite the house being used for 13 out of the last 17 years as a children’s home. The School will be appealing this decision and The School will not see the children homeless but will ensure they are living together whatever the outcome. A Facebook cause has been set up to show support for these 4 children who will have to find somewhere else to live. Click here to join the cause.