Care Show 2021 – Russell Day

The topic was – The Role of Digital Technology in a Post Covid World

Since early 2018 SCG has been on a journey to introduce digital technology to support our operational teams provide better more efficient and effective support whilst meeting all the challenges of being compliant and providing good governance. During this time SCG has moved form a paper manual based system and process to an electronic platform for support planning, delivery (Ablyss) and quality compliance. (RADAR)

The introduction of these systems has enabled real live data analysis of trends across the business enabling shared learning from incidents and audits to be shared instantly across the whole group. The introduction of electronic support planning and delivery has allowed for information to be provided at point of support and be available across the team in real time allowing for review and update of support to take place in real time if required, allowing for the deployment of updated support plans to take place immediately they are updated.

The integration of data digitally and the time saved has allowed for resources to be better utilised across the business.

The introduction of the compliance digital system has been particularly useful during the current COVID Pandemic it enabled us to monitor activity remotely without the need to enter services unnecessarily it also gave us the ability to quickly adapt our processes and collect the data to the ever changing government guidance during the pandemic.

Moving forward digital technology is about to play a much bigger part in the social care world CQC’s new strategy will mean that providers will need to continue to develop and adapt systems to meet the new demands of the strategy in providing data and information in a format that can be communicated digitally and at pace. With this and the continuation of the fallout from the pandemic it will be more and more important for providers to support those key individuals (Registered Managers) with technology to support their roles.