Improving Family Relationships

Oliver recently graduated from his college and to celebrate this he was invited to attend a Prom. We knew this would be a great event for him to attend.

We had been doing a lot of work with Oliver and his Mum to develop their relationship, so including her in this significant life event felt like a positive step for them both. When planning a shopping trip for Oliver to go and buy a suit for his Prom we got in touch with his Mum and asked if she would like to join us on the shopping trip. She was so touched and excited to be included in this important event for her son.

When they were not able to find anything suitable on the shopping trip we asked if she would like to join us in going to Brighton to try and find him something.

Oliver’s key worker, Lauren, and his Mum together found a smart outfit for Oliver. Together they got him ready on the day to go to his Prom. Both went with him and matched their outfits to him to include the pink theme of the prom. They all had a fantastic time and Oliver looked great.

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