How Liaise Can Enhance Lives

Growing up and living in London whilst having a learning difficulty can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Many individuals choose to live at home with support and attend day centres that suit their needs, and many choose to live at specialised residential units. Supported living ensures a great quality of life, and the Liaise tailors a programme unique to each person. This allows them to live to their full potential and fulfil their ambitions – leading to a richer, happier life. In fact, 91% of people who have used Liaise have enhanced their skills and independence, and this result is country-wide, including London.

Who can residential care help?

Within London, Liaise facilities can help many different kinds of individuals. Learning disabilities, mental health difficulties, autism spectrum disorders, complex behaviours and complex health needs are all catered for and service users are respected, being given tailored care and support. Liaise helps to maintain stability in people’s lives, even with conditions that can fluctuate and bring about great changes.

For people with autism, for example, behaviour and needs can greatly change depending on the layout and atmosphere of an environment, and the amount or nature of any sensory stimulus. The teams can help with adjusting noise levels, communication methods, and daily routines to make life easier and happier.

How can Liaise help?

The skilled teams at all of the residential and supported living services support people with a wide range of learning difficulties in London, under the wing of a highly experienced registered manager. In conjunction, they work alongside the therapy teams to identify the person’s needs and create a tailored support plan.

These structured yet flexible plans allow staff to anticipate an individual’s needs and, for example, identify times of the day, month or year that can cause someone’s mental health to fluctuate or their needs to change. Liaise’s Framework for Quality Assurance ensures that these care plans and staff practices are continuously evaluated, so teams can grow and improve all the time.

All of this culminates in a secure environment with experienced teams and a structured plan to help the person achieve their goals. Celebrating positive achievements is very important, and all accomplishments – big or small, personal or staff-set – are recognised.

Where can we find them?

There are Liaise homes situated throughout London and surrounding areas, including High Wycombe, Dartford, and Waltham Abbey in Essex.

Experiencing learning difficulties in London, a busy and often overwhelming place to live for anybody, adds an extra challenge. The staff at Liaise provides the highest standard of therapy, emotional and mental support, and care with their structured plans, all with the objective of providing a positive outcome and good quality of life for the service user. The group homes can help to work with the person’s conditions to create a plan not just focussed on the condition, but on the person as well.