Feedback from a Transition Social Worker

I just wanted to feedback on my experience of undertaking the current piece of joint work with you in respect of supporting with his move.

I want to thank you and your team for your commitment to making this transition for as smooth and successful as possible. It has been very reassuring to mother and myself that the approach you have taken has been a holistic one. This has been evidenced in how you have continued to gather information in respect of care and support needs, ensuring that you have obtained all necessary information, have considered the views of mother and the views of professionals currently supporting to inform and equip your team moving forward.

The Transition Planning Meetings that you have taken a lead in arranging, chairing and minuting have played a significant part in progressing the plan forward in a timely manner as well as offering reassurance to mother at this difficult time. The planning has been robust and well considered with members of the team (Liaise) visiting at his home and school to get a better understanding of who is and how his needs can be best met. It is apparent that has been kept at the very centre of all discussions and planning however it is also worth noting that you have been able to sensitively support and reassure mother validating her input towards the success of her son’s move.

Feedback from a Transition Social Worker.