SMCK had spent quite a few months in hospital where she was very unwell, since returning from hospital her mobility and mental state has suffered and she was unable to leave her bed, she was not eating or drinking well, and she was very disorientated not able to communicate with staff very well. Over the last few weeks with some hard work and dedication from staff SMCK has found her confidence again, she is now spending time in the communal lounge daily and engaging in some activities she used to do. SMCK has made so much progress with her eating and drinking and communication we now feel she
is happy to be home.

We would also like to talk about our resident SR- she came to us speaking very little English originally from Slovakia and found it very difficult to adjust spending a lot of time alone in her bedroom, over the last few months SR has really come a long way with the support of staff using google translator she has been able to express herself and communicate better, spending more time with staff and other residents and being involved in group activities Friday night movie night being her favourite!
She loves all things beauty hair and nails, she recently had hair braided which she was keen to show off to everyone.

SR is now spending less time in her bedroom and more time with the other residents, her communication has improved a lot with the support of the MDT team, she now has a communication passport that helps her put simple sentences together.

All in all, SR has become a very confident young woman and always expresses how much she loves Crossbrook.