Autism Support

Helping People Live Independently Through Person-Centred Support and Community-Based Living

At Liaise we don’t just provide specialist care and support, we empower people to live richer lives. Through our residential and supported living services, people with autism can learn, work and create lifelong friendships in a positive, structured environment.

Our community based homes are so much more than a place to live. Our dedicated staff work hard to foster safe and welcoming environments that encourage independence and living life to the full.

In these inclusive communities, people with autism live life on their own terms while knowing a helping hand is always available. We offer a range of thoughtful services and activities that promote not only self-confidence and independence but fun and joyfulness as well.

Our Residential and Supported Living Services

We provide 24/7 support and specialist care within our residential and supported living services. We believe every person we support should have opportunities to develop meaningful relationships, learn new skills and spend time doing what they love.

In each of our community-based homes, we encourage people with autism to live independently in a way that is meaningful to them. Our approach is guided by the principles of “person-centredness”. This means the autism support we provide is always based on the specific needs, desires and ambitions of each individual.

Some of the Services We Provide Include:

  • Daily activity programmes tailored to the capabilities of each individual
  • Support in finding employment, education or volunteering opportunities, where appropriate
  • Through opportunities and with guidance, we help each person to develop relationships that are meaningful to them
  • Outings and trips into the local community
  • Regular social events, both in home and in the community
  • Support that enables the growth of practical home-focused skills such as cooking, housework and decorating.
  • Each person is supported within a person-centred framework, to develop their community skills such as shopping, banking and the management of health appointments

We carefully adapt each of our homes to meet the needs of the people that live there. Safety devices, specialist aids and the latest assistive technologies are all used to create a safe and secure environment.

Every environment is subject to regular risk assessment to ensure people live in safe homes. Additionally, risk management is a key factor that ensures the safe delivery of support to each individual.

Our Specialist Autism Support Services

Our staff teams and registered managers are specialists in supporting people with autism. We provide all our staff with an intensive training programme based on our years of experience and the latest research-based strategies for supporting complex needs.

We know people with autism sometimes find it difficult to feel heard and this can lead to unmet needs or wants. As part of our proactive and preventive approach, we use person-centred Positive Behaviour Support (PBS).

PBS is a compassionate and comprehensive approach aimed at identifying and meeting a person’s support needs. By looking beyond a person’s behaviour to understand the reasons for their distress and the way their environment may be impacting them, PBS allows the people we support to feel seen and heard.

Our Quality Standards

Here at Liaise, we are very proud of the high levels of support our services provide. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our outstanding outcomes and improvements to the quality of life of all the people we support. We are regulated by the Care Quality Commision and are proud to have achieved an outstanding CQC rating not once, but twice in a row for one of our services. Two of our other services have received an outstanding outcome in one of the five areas as well.

Autism Support

The Liaise Approach

Due to the wide range of wonderful personalities that live there, each of our homes is unique. To help find every person their ideal match, we always consider the goals, interests and ambitions of each individual. This allows us to provide bespoke guidance to every person as they are choosing a home that compliments their lifestyle.

Through many years of experience, we know that generalised support plans simply don’t work. By recognising that people are not all the same and celebrating these differences, we create individual support plans tailored to the unique personality of each person we support.

All support plans are reviewed in partnership with the individual to ensure they are meeting expectations and outcomes. Where appropriate, we welcome families, advocates and friends to contribute to this review. We recognise each person’s circle of support is different and this is always reflected within the support frameworks that are built.

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Our mission is to enrich the lives of people with autism and enable them to live happy, fulfilling lives.

We are here to support you and your family. If you would like to learn more about our autism care and support services, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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