Miss Timms

Miss Timms is delighted to have achieved many of her personal goals since living at a Liaise care home in Essex.

Miss Timms began her time at Liaise many years ago in our community hospital, Jasmine Court. More recently, she moved to the newly opened residential home of Connington in Essex. She is now really happy living in her own supported living flat in Connington.

Miss Timms has really settled into supporting living and has become a brilliant host for all visitors to her flat. Without fail, she will offer and make her guests a cup of tea or coffee without requiring any assistance from members of staff.

When Miss Timms heard that the therapeutic team were visiting Connington House for the day she decided she wanted to invite them into her flat (Assistant Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, Occupational Therapy Assistant and Speech and Language Therapy Assistant) for a cup of tea and a catch up to discuss how her week had been going. Whilst the clinical team sat in her lounge, Miss Timms independently made a hot drink for everyone in her kitchen – being sure to make each drink to each person’s liking!

Miss Timms was a fantastic host and the therapeutic team really enjoyed the time spent with her. We are very proud of the progress that Miss Timms is making in her new supported living in Essex.