Aim and Objectives of Liaise

At Liaise we don’t just provide residential care for adults with learning disabilities and autism. We provide our residents with specialist care that focuses on the positive, encouraging better outcomes and happier, more fulfilling lives.

History of Liaise

Marion Cornick founded the School in 1988 as a residential facility for children with severe and profound learning difficulties. By 1995 she had identified a need for a specialist approach towards adults, so set about creating residential opportunities in which they could thrive and grow. Having spent her entire career working in this sector, Marion has developed a holistic approach which promotes positivity and enhances the quality of life.

This approach has been proven to be as successful for adults as it has with children, and there are now a number of residential homes, all of which operate much like any family home. The emphasis is on creating and maintaining a relaxed and happy environment where everyone – service users and employees alike – is encouraged to play to their strengths.

Aims and objectives of Liaise

At Liaise we don’t focus on what people can’t do. Instead, we make it all about what they can do – after all, everyone is good at something! So we encourage service users and colleagues alike to find what makes them happy and fulfilled, which helps to generate positivity. That means there are usually some fun activities going on, and there’s always something to celebrate.

It’s all too easy to look at someone and only see the disability. But we choose to see the whole person and celebrate each person’s uniqueness in a calm but positive manner. So our homes are run along similar lines to any family home, providing long-term care and support in a familiar and always supportive environment. Change and disruption to the daily routine can cause stress and confusion, so we aim to keep the home environment as safe and comfortable as possible.

In our experience, challenging behaviour usually arises due to difficulty and frustration over an inability to communicate effectively. So at Liaise, we look for ways to improve communication channels, always based on an individual’s needs. Our employees use a variety of methods, including gestures, facial expressions and drawings to help service users get their message across. There’s even a special sign language – Makaton – which can be particularly helpful in many cases. And we have a commitment towards equality for all, so we strive to ensure that everyone has their needs met as completely as possible.

Opportunities for care work in Basingstoke

If you’re thinking of taking up care work in Basingstoke, why not take a look at what we have to offer at Liaise? We’re always on the lookout for dedicated, empathetic individuals who are keen to make a difference in people’s lives.

It’s up to you how far you’d like to progress in your new career. It starts with care work in Basingstoke, helping people with autism and learning disabilities to live full and enriched lives. But as part of Liaise, we are able to offer career opportunities across London, the South East and the south coast too.