A New House!

This week we have just bought a new house in Romsey, just a couple of miles up the road from our other local house, Timaru. The builders have already moved in and are busy fully renovating this property into what we hope will be a fantastic home for 5 individuals.

The house is in a wonderful rural location with lots of space around the property itself. It also benefits from only being a couple of miles from Romsey and Southampton, meaning that there is good access to local community facilities as well.

We are aiming to have the house finished and registered by April 2011, so we have a busy few months ahead of us. This is not just with all the building works, but also recruiting and training up to 30 new staff members and working with local authorities to get to know those young adults who will live there so we can create environments that will meet their needs. So, a busy but exciting time for the company.

If you would like to find out more about this new house, contact us and we will be pleased to share our plans and developments.