A Big Adventure For Willow Tree And Baytrees

Willow Tree Lodge and Baytrees House had an exciting day out on July 14 – they went off to the Queen Elizabeth II Activity Centre for the day. It was a gloriously hot, sunny day down near Southampton – so there was a lot of suntan lotion, and the local pub beer garden did a roaring trade at lunchtime.

The people we support had great fun exploring a whole lot of activities – but archery was probably their favourite. H won the golden arrow with a whopping 120 points. But L gave her a run for her money and scored a bullseye with one shot.

The motorboat proved to be a big hit too, with P and H both discovering a hidden talent at motorboat piloting. P impressed us all on the climbing wall when he made it all the way to the top and rang the bell. But the coolest dude of the day must have been G – who bypassed most of the rope course in favour of chilling out on a particularly comfy-looking tyre.

Everyone had a fab time – but trips like this are about more than just having fun. A big part of what we do is making sure the people we support – people with severe autism – can play a fulfilling and meaningful role in their communities, and in society in general. This type of activity gives them the chance to do the stuff that we all take for granted.

They learn new life skills, absorb new experiences, and strengthen relationships.