5 years for Russell!

Russell Day, Head of Quality and Performance celebrates 5 brilliant years at Liaise! Get to know Russell below.

1. What do you enjoy most about working at Liaise?
The sense of a one-team approach with the people we support is the one and only most important thing in the decisions we take.

2. Can you name a time/achievement throughout your Liaise career that you are proud of? And Why?
Transforming the quality and governance framework from a completely paper-driven system to an entirely digitally driven has enabled us to be more proactive in our approach to managing and responding to risk rather than entirely reactive.

3. What Goals do you want to achieve at Liaise?
To develop the team to give the operational delivery the best advice, support and tools to enable seamless great support for the people we support.

4. What Personal goals you are working towards?
This is a tough one personally 2022 was all about working towards a personal goal and that was to run the London Marathon so currently I’m having a bit of downtime!

5. How do you spend your free time?
A lot of my free time is spent doing what my two teenagers need me to do! Other than that, I like to get in the gym regularly and spend time visiting different places at home and abroad.