Introducing the Liaise Influencers – a Coproduction Programme

Our Influencers Network has been set up so that the views of the people we support at Liaise are represented in all that we do. The Liaise Influencers are a group of people that are supported in one of the Liaise services, and therefore have a lived experience of a learning disability and/or autism.

What is a Liaise Influencer?

An influencer is a person who has the power to affect decisions of others because of their knowledge, experience and relationships with others. The Liaise Influencers will bring invaluable insight and ideas through the co-production programme, whilst also developing new skills and friendships along the way.


How we will work in co-production with the Liaise Influencers

Our Liaise Influencers will share their experiences of living at Liaise with us so that we can learn what is working well. They will also provide feedback on upcoming plans and initiatives that we have so that everything we do is designed with the people we support in mind.

There are many elements of coproduction that Liaise Influencers can bring valuable insight to, including:

  1. Developments: involving people supported in decisions about their homes, where they live and who with.
  2. Quality: involving our influencers in decision-making that makes Liaise homes even more of a great place to live.
  3. Recruitment: With their insight of being supported in everyday life, our influencers will advise on the qualities and attributes of a good support worker.
  4. Development of Easy Read Material: Supporting us to ensure we set the right tone with our internal documentation that goes to the people we support.
  5. Ongoing marketing and communication support – linking with the service and people we support in initiatives that are implemented during the year.


Who are our influencers?

Rachel – Coppice

Rachel has lived at Coppice for about five years. Rachel told us she likes living at her home as it is small and she shares this with three other people.  Rachel says she enjoys planning her weekly menus and she also likes to get involved in the preparation of her meals.  Rachel told us that her favourite dinner was curry.

Rachel works two days a week at a design company where she helps to print cards and also does print designs on garments.  She has a real passion for art which she does both free hand and also on the computer digitally.  He other interests include swimming – last year she went surfing in Wales which she thoroughly enjoyed and is hoping to be able to do again.

Tina – Ashwood

Tina lives in her own flat at Ashwood House and has lived there for three years. She does her own cooking with a bit of support from the staff team and likes being independent. Tina says she likes the staff and that they are friendly and helpful. She also enjoys getting the train to Cromer to meet up with friends at the day centre. She enjoys cooking, football, playing pool and watching golf. Tina is training to be a waitress and hopes to get a job working in the new About With Friends Bistro.

In terms of future goals, Tina is keen to build on her success of navigating the train to Cromer to visit friends by herself and would like to learn how to get the train to Norwich and to get to know her way around there.  She told us about her other goals, “I would like to go on holiday – I’d love to go to the James Bond set; Made in Chelsea and would like to go to a men’s football match.  I like Tottenham Hotspur, Leeds, Liverpool and Norwich.”


Zak – Chantry

Zak has lived at Chantry for three years and tells us that he really enjoys living there “the staff are brilliant” and he is able to live a full life.

Zak tell us he enjoys chatting, going to the pub and going to gigs – his dad plays the guitar for a local band and he is their biggest fan.  He loves going to the beach, music, IT, cooking and eating out and the staff at Chantry support him to do all the things he likes.  Zak is planning a holiday to Iceland to see the EVE Monument and to go to Fanfest.


Thomas – Sansa

Thomas has lived at Sansa House for ten years. He is excited to be a part of the Liaise Influencers programme because he likes to write and wants to meet other people like him in other parts of the country.

Thomas likes bowling, pizza and working hard in the garden to keep it looking nice. His favourite thing to do is watch football, never missing a Manchester United game.


Rachel – Connington

Rachel lives at Connington and loves shopping and going out on adventures. She has a keen eye for fashion and an enviable shoe collection that reflects her unique sense of style.

Rachel is really into her technology and loves her computer which she uses to build websites. She also uses Facebook regularly to keep up to date with her family and to share photos and stories. She has a personal blog which she uses for all her news and achievements.


Rachael – Somerford Place

Rachael is really excited to be part of the network. She has lived at Somerford Place for almost 10 years now and her favourite thing about the home is that is has no stairs.

She enjoys art and lots of her art work is displayed around the home.  She is the home’s gardener with responsibility for their greenhouse which is currently full of tomatoes and beetroot.  She also runs the weekly exercise class for the home, goes to college once a week studying retail and works in a charity shop too.  She also helps out in the office with shredding and other jobs. Rachael is looking forward to being a Liaise Influencer and meeting the rest of the group.



Stay up to date with our Liaise Influencers

We’ll be posting lots of the things our Liaise Influencers get up to on social media, so be sure to stay connected with us there.