Blog Guidelines

  1. Add a title for your blog in the box above which says “Enter title here”
  2. Work on this in the VISUAL tab, identified on the tab on the right hand top corner of this box
  3. Add the blog/news content here.  You can use the above features to make text bold, align left, right or centre or adding a link.  If you hover over the features it shows a label telling you what they do (see example on this window).
  4. unless you have added categories and what to categorise your blog then leave all of the colums on the right as they are ie Format, Categories, Layout as these have all been set to ensure all blogs are the same
  5. In the Tags section you can add some keywords here for each new blog to help with SEO
  6. Featured Image (the bottom section on the right)  you will need to set this to ensure that your blog has an image on the blog post page and also a larger image on the blog article page.  These images can be chosen from the Media file or a new image can be added when you click on “set featured image”
  7. At this point you can save your article as a draft, if you want to release at a later date.  You can preview your post before you publish it and we would always recommend that you do this to have a look at the layout.
  8. Once you are happy with the layout and content and image then click on the blue publish button in the “Publish” box in the right hand side column at the top.
  9. You can schedule for the blog to go live at a specific time by editing the Publish Immediately function in the Publish section.